Branding based on your mission and vision. 

At Mouthaan, we make sure we follow innovations and new techniques closely. 

This knowledge helps you strengthen your brand to ensure your product gets optimal appeal. 

“How you do things makes the difference in how you distinguish yourself in the market.” 




Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements, our Creation department will get to work. 

Your ideas and thoughts will be processed and the results reproduced

in a 3D digital model. 

This will let you visualise the packaging

of your product in a digital 3D representation. 

Doosje 03.jpg


If you are 100% satisfied with the

3D model, we switch to creating a plot

of the digital 3D model. 

An industrial plotter is used to make

a realistic prototype of the packaging

for your product. 

This prototype is the same as

the final production version,

but without the design. 

Doosje 04.jpg


If the plot model is completely according to your wishes, we will add the design. 

If desired, our designers make a design according to your specific wishes. 

After you have approved the design,

we can produce a digitally-printed

plot model.