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Striking, today and tomorrow. 

Mouthaan is equipped with modern, “up-to-date” machinery. 

Printing, punching, creasing, embossing, folding and gluing . . . a selection of many different possibilities. 


“With the method of implementation you will make all the difference in the market.” 


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From design to actual layout. 

Your design is formatted and converted into a set of printing plates. 

These printing plates are made specifically for the material to be

printed and the required press. 

The printing result will then be

absolutely perfect. 

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Finally, we process the printing sheets into the actual packaging of your product. 

Depending on the end product,

the sheets can be equipped with various application techniques. 

These can include metallics, foil printing, braille, embossing, scented varnish and various lacquers (spot UV, fluorine, glitter, etc.). Anything is possible. 

We print four, five or six colours, conventionally and in UV, in one print run. 

We are one of the few printing companies that can print large format plastic sheets

in offset. Techniques like lenticular for 3D effects, moisture-resistant cardboard,

silver laminated cardboard and various 

other qualities of cardboard and paper

are no problem either.